8/22--Plastic Crimewave Syndicate at Emporium Wicker park w/Mako Sica and Diagonal 9pm
9/9--Sir PCW solo set w/Hands of Hydra, Tempel Pharmacy, Singleman and more at Cafe Mustache
9/10--PCW Vision Celestial Guitarkestra at the Hideout Anniversary Bash--at noon, all invited to jam!
9/23--DJ-ing all 45s at Sportsman's 10pm-close
10/01--Galactic Zoo Dossier Retrospective art show/b-day party at Soccer Club Club (Drag City building) w/DJs Moe Madness and Psychedalex, 7-11 pm opening reception, performance by VCSR at 9pm (show is up til 10/07)
10/7--Plastic Crimewave Syndicate w/Le Tour, The Scenics and Wet Piss at Cole's
11/6--Plastic Crimewave Syndicate at Reggies w/Nik Turner's Hawkwind & Hedersleben 7pm
11/12--DJ-ing at Sportsman's with Sara Gossett (Richmond, VA), 10pm-close
11/13--Speaking on a panel with John Dugan, Jim DeRogatis and Sally Timms at the Chicago Book Expo 1pm
11/24--DJ-ing w/Moe Madness at EZ Inn "Psychedelic Thanksgiving" 10pm-close
11/25-Plastic Crimewave Syndicate Daytrotter Session in IA
12/12---DJ-ing at Slippery Slope, 9pm-close
12/15---DJ-ing at Sportsman's, 10pm-close

1/27-28/17--Chicago Psychfest 8
2/5--DJ-ing at Slippery Slope, 9pm-close
2/23--DJ-ing at the Whistler, 10pm-2am
2/27--DJ-ing at Sportsman's, 10pm-close
3/15--DJ-ing at Slippery Slope, 9pm-close
3/25--Plastic Crimewave Syndicate at Reverberation records in Bloomington, IL
3/27--DJ-ing at Sportsman's, 10pm-close
4/11--Sir PCW solo set at Cafe Mustache with Eric Arn (Austria) and Totally Boring
4/15--DJ-ing at Sportsman's w/Sister Golden Haze, 10pm-close
4/20--DJ-ing at Cafe Mustache with Moe Madness and Sister Golden Haze
4/22--Book Signing at 826 Wicker Park
4/24--Plastic Crimewave Syndicate at Empty Bottle--Free show with Lutheran, ADT and Michael Zerang/Tar Pet duo
4/26--DJ-ing at Slippery Slope, 9pm-close
5/09--DJ-ing at Sportsman's w/Sister Golden Haze, 10pm-close
5/11--DJ-ing at Sportsman's w/Jake Garcia of the Black Angels, 10pm-close
5/12--Plastic Crimewave Syndicate at Empty Bottle with Kikagaku Moyo
5/13--Plastic Crimewave Syndicate at Milwaukee Psych Fest
5/28--Plastic Crimewave Syndicate at Mickey's Tavern, Madison, WI
5/30--PCW and Sister Golden Haze DJ at Punch House
5/31--Sir PCW solo set for CUFF afterparty at Elastic Arts
6/06--DJ-ing at Slippery Slope
6/21--DRMWPN w/Faun Fables at Hungry Brain
6/29--DJ-ing at Sportsman's w/Sister Golden Haze, 10pm-close
7/4--DJ-ing at Sportsman's w/Sister Golden Haze
7/7--Spiral Galaxy (PCW+Sara G) at Township
7/12--CHIRP talk at Martyrs
7/13--PCWSyndicate at Emporium WP with Dead feathers, Sun God Ra, and Gay Neighbors
7/14--DJ-ing at Trench w/Sister Golden Haze
7/23--PCWSyndicate at Gingerman Tavern
7/29--PCWSyndicate at Mickeys in Madison
8/4--PCWSyndicate at Indy Psych Fest
8/9--PCWSyndicate at the Mutiny with Joy Poppers, La Casa and Eric Baylies Band (PA)
8/11-12--Million Tongues Fest 2017
8/30--DJ-ing California Clipper w/Stirrup performing
9/2--DJ-ing Psychedelic Hellfire Klub at the Hideout w/Moe Madness
9/5--DJ-ing at Slippery Slope
9/7-27--Sir PCW UK tour!
9/30--PCWSyndicate at All Senses Festival at Rozz Tox in Iowa City